Tuesday, April 20

pening PENING!!

Pening la!!!


pening pening... kenapa??? aku pening memikirkan nak amik apa la ngan pointer yg rendah serandah paras sungai kelantan....OMG!! sumone said that USM pointers are lower this year but then with all those 4 flat scorers blooming everywhere, my fate is in far distance... tulun tulun!!!

its kinda scary... i mean, kita tak tau apa naseb kita... during this time of your life, kita rasa menyesal sangat.. kan?? huhuhuhuhu.. but then.. apa bleh buat... everything dah jadi... its all in HIS hands now...

for now, JUST LIVE THE MOMENT!! huhuhuhu... this week has been great... hanging out with the one i love and care... hehehehhe... spent the whole monday ngan awekku yg ultra comel, lagi comel dari teddy bear yg dia TERtinggal kat SHAH ALAM... huhuhu... her birthday was on 19 APRIL.. which is a week after my mum's, 13 APRIL, and then 2 weeks before mine, which also sets on MONDAY, 3rd MAY...


Lots of birthday and so little budget... sorry mum...huhuhu... terpikir lak, sapa la yang nak ingat birthday aku ek.. hihihihihi... tak sambut pun takpe... doesnt mind...T_T..

Anyway, got a MUNSYI test this saturday.... cuak jugak... i mean, i know nothing bout it... mana tak cuak kan?? Some said that darn test is basically a personality test... huhuhu.. Here's a note from a blogger bout it..

"Bahagian A - Kesukaan"

Menggubah bunga Ya/Tidak
Makan bersama kawan-kawan Ya/Tidak
Suka memilih warna langsir rumah Ya/Tidak

HEH???? O.o

Bahagian B - Emosi

Sekali anda putus cinta, anda tidak akan bercinta selama-lamanya Ya/Tidak
Anda boleh berjenaka selepas baru putus cinta Ya/Tidak
Anda masih mahu bersahabat dengan sahabat anda walaupun sahabat anda bersikap dingin Ya/Tidak
Doktor tidak boleh bercinta dengan pesakitnya Ya/Tidak


See how WEIRD the questions are??? There was Bahagian C and D jugak but i can't remember any strikingly klaka ones to post up. The 335 list of questions made me scoff and sneer most of the time, and cry 'heh' and 'apakah' at other times.

Sungguh peliiiiiiiiiiiiiiik! I wonder why they want to quiz us on these ridiculous questions anyway, and what they intend to do with the collected results. Maybe they're trying to determine whether USM products are daft to boot, or otherwise. LOL"
p/s: wish me luck!!

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