Sunday, February 6


The sun was high. I was bored yet again. With an urge not to take a shower yet so far, I found myself taken by an urge to watch the movie BURLESQUE which shimmers with the lovely and yet charming Cher together along with the sensational Christina Aguilera. A story emphasizes on the life of a cabaret club singer, I expect no less than that gorgeous voice of Christina.
I’ve read books, magazines and blogs. And yet I’ve taken amazed by these ladies in such way that no words would ever picture it; such as how thrilling those notes and vocals to my ears. I’d never felt like that before, seeing a motion picture and trying not wanting for those frames ever stop rolling. I am both inspired and nonetheless satisfied.
Many of such genre has set sail in my little mind. The playboy life of NINE and the gangster world of CHICAGO each brings a different story on the table. And in my modest honesty, each my very own favorite.
BURLESQUE I presume is a true story of a club with such name (I’ve google it some times now and then) and revolves around a new rising star of their own, Ali (it pronounced A-l-l-y). getting up from below the pile, Ali has to prove of her worthy to the club manager (played by Cher) and into a romance with the bartender cum pianist, Jack. And the rest is for you yourself to discover.

This is where is shall take my bow and enjoy your evening. Maybe later you could show me how you BURLESQUE.

p/s; please do comment on my writing


Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...

Aku nak komen pasal fon tulisan pos blog kau ni aje... tak sukalah, susah nak baca, walaupun nampak cantik tetapi kalau nak baca macam tak selanjar (continuous) gitu, tersekat-sekat, tak suka baca tulisan sambung...

Anonymous said...

sokong mizi.agak susah untuk dibace...:)

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