Friday, April 12

Inspirations: Foxes' "Beauty Queen"

Found a perfect song to describe my view about looking good. No matter how good you look, if you are rotten inside, you stinks from a mile away.

Songs with good lyrics are gems in this era. When common artists dwell about love and break up, we hardly have any that dares to defy society's point of view. And Foxes' lyrics hits head on, "beauty queen are only skin deep". She challenges society's standard of beauty with her stinging lyrics. Throughout the video, shots of Disney's  movies are intertwined with scenes of models falling down on the runway. The gravity pulling down the models seems to give more weight to Foxes' insightful commentary in the song.

 So guys, do remember that beauty does not define a life. You can be beautiful, try your best to be, but you must also be kind to others and view life not just on it's surface.
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