Sunday, September 18

A Lesson of Ai

The thing about love is…

*this is written in the depth of “Someone Like You” and “Rhythm of Love”.

                Friends, family and neighbors even in the slow whisper you hear from the room across yours, the theme of love never fail to appear. Spoken with pride, spoken with despair, even my twitter’s timeline is full of it. What do you do then? Take a box of popcorn and enjoy the drama.
        A word to describe my love life, Hectic. I’ve been here and there, this and that. But none stays. Maybe its me, maybe its them but after all its you and me that makes an ‘us’.  I may not be the best person one could make example of in this subject but I do have a few opinions up my sleeves.
        A new batch of freshman is now entering my college. Thus with that, new hot bunch of buns in the oven. A friend of mine has someone she’s seeing but the problem arise as that person is far away from here. And here is where a hot freshman steps in. Bearing the same name with whom she’s frantically worried even by an unreplied sms, the freshman is now a new so-called-crush. How she felt, what were her reasons, why it turns out to be that way around, I’ll leave it to your own interpretation.
        I am a friend. Not more than a friend. Do I get a say in this, No. Should I say something about this, Maybe. And I rather choose not to. As for being a friend, I have read her personalities quite successfully. The kind you would rue the day you stepped in her way. And for that occasion, I kept myself shut, wrote this which I think she won’t even bother to read, and be there when tears start falling, for I think this fling will not last well.
        To girls out there, those who keen enough to have read this blabbers, do make example out of this. For loving is one great thing but standing tall for that one love is another great achievement many has failed to achieve. Including me.  
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