Friday, November 22

Prep Talk: "Gym-holics"

**It is not just a trend (those Nordic patterns are a trend) but it seems like heading out to the gym is a new goal for boys. And it is somewhat disturbing when they rub it all over your face.

I don't do gym. Haven't found the correct one for me? Maybe. But i prefer the old style jog and recreations.

As much as i support those heading to the gym for the sake of a healthier lifestyle, I also despise those who head there just to prove that they are 'in' the social trend. Yes i am talking about those who constantly tweet and brag about going to the gym as if it gives them the extra 'I'm better than you' swag. That is wrong.

Thursday, June 13

Song Premier: Karmin "Acapella"

The boy and girl duo attracts me ever since last year in Youtube long before their “Crash Your Party” and “Brokenhearted” became mainstream not just in the US but influenced most of us in Malaysia as well. And right now they are bringing back what they are good at, ACAPELLA!

Thursday, May 2

Video Premier: Alicia Keys "New Day"

The girl on fire is back for some more action for us right after she hit us up with "Fire We Make".  Alicia Keys, after shocking the world with "Girl on Fire" releases her new music video

Wednesday, May 1

Song Premier: The Wanted "Walk like Rihanna"

Its has been a while for our boys, The Wanted to release a new single since their last album and that Stevie Mack inspired "I Found You". Now they are back

Friday, April 12

Inspirations: Foxes' "Beauty Queen"

Found a perfect song to describe my view about looking good. No matter how good you look, if you are rotten inside, you stinks from a mile away.

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