Friday, November 22

Prep Talk: "Gym-holics"

**It is not just a trend (those Nordic patterns are a trend) but it seems like heading out to the gym is a new goal for boys. And it is somewhat disturbing when they rub it all over your face.

I don't do gym. Haven't found the correct one for me? Maybe. But i prefer the old style jog and recreations.

As much as i support those heading to the gym for the sake of a healthier lifestyle, I also despise those who head there just to prove that they are 'in' the social trend. Yes i am talking about those who constantly tweet and brag about going to the gym as if it gives them the extra 'I'm better than you' swag. That is wrong.

Thursday, June 13

Song Premier: Karmin "Acapella"

The boy and girl duo attracts me ever since last year in Youtube long before their “Crash Your Party” and “Brokenhearted” became mainstream not just in the US but influenced most of us in Malaysia as well. And right now they are bringing back what they are good at, ACAPELLA!

Thursday, May 2

Video Premier: Alicia Keys "New Day"

The girl on fire is back for some more action for us right after she hit us up with "Fire We Make".  Alicia Keys, after shocking the world with "Girl on Fire" releases her new music video

Wednesday, May 1

Song Premier: The Wanted "Walk like Rihanna"

Its has been a while for our boys, The Wanted to release a new single since their last album and that Stevie Mack inspired "I Found You". Now they are back

Friday, April 12

Inspirations: Foxes' "Beauty Queen"

Found a perfect song to describe my view about looking good. No matter how good you look, if you are rotten inside, you stinks from a mile away.

Wednesday, April 10

Song Premier: Selena Gomez "Come And Get It"

 Hollywood's music scene is not so alien when it comes to mixing ethnic and tribal sounds in pop, rock and RnB. Take Jai Ho from the Pussycat Dolls for example, a huge success in mixing indian native tongue with dance musics and sexy hips. An now, it's Selena Gomez's turn.

Friday, March 22

Inspirations: Adam Gallagher

Everyone has it. That one thing that’ll inspire them to do something. Well I have mine. Tonnes! And one of them is apparently my Pinterest, obviously, and it is also the reason how I came across this great fashion blogger.

Thursday, March 21

Wardrobe Reinvention: Solid Coloured Adventures

Just recently I made a post on “Reinventing my wardrobe” and the progress is impressively fast. But I think I need to tone it down a little because my studies and assignment seem to start piling up on me. Well if you don’t go through hell, you won’t make it to heaven right?

Friday, March 8

Inspirations: Tinkerbell, Secret of the Wings

Hello there Disney lovers!

Have you watched “Tinkerbell, Secrets of the Wings”? No? Well you should! Haha. 

   I actually found this movie by accident the other day and decided to watch it on my free time. Being a Disney fan myself

Wednesday, March 6

Wardrobe Reinvention: What should be in yours.

Its already March now and like it or not, spring is now upon us. And do you remember what Mr Bean does every spring? SPRING CLEANING! But let us start small. No need to gear up and wear your mom’s rubber gloves now (unless you want to or you have that kind of fetish, I’m not judging.) Lets tidy up that closet!

Monday, March 4

Style Tips: How to do things properly.

The nature of men, every day should be a better day than the day before. We always want to improve ourselves and yet, to be a unique individual.

Relax, I’m not giving you a lecture on self-motivation and all other boring stuff. But my point is, everyone want to look better and bro, you need to know how to do it properly.

Thursday, February 28

Style Tips: A Better Facepic.

Browsing through my inspirational favorite blogs, I stumble upon a video thats actually make more sense than the Harlem Shake. How To Show Off Your Jawline in head shots by Peter Hurley.

Tuesday, February 26

Song Premier: Demi Lovato "Heart Attack"

Just a few days ago I posted about the lovely American Idol judge Mariah Carey and her new single, but now, the spotlight is on Demi Lovato, a judge on the recent season of The XFactor.

Saturday, February 23

Style Tips: Denim On Top

I don’t know about you but I’m bored with having jeans and denims just below the waist line. Time to take it up don’t you think?

   Browsing into local retail and boutiques in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, many are stacking their shelves with denim shirts and jackets (yes, I’m talking about Brands Outlet and PDI). Denim shirts are timeless pieces.

Friday, February 22

Song Premier: Mariah Carey's "Almost Home"

With Nicky Minaj’s Va Va Voom beating out from those earplugs of yours, have you ever wonder on when will her  American Idol co-judge, Mariah Carey  will be releasing a new song? Well wait no more!

Thursday, February 21

Inspiration: Red wines for wear

  On a serious note, I myself prefer a navy blue or any type of blue apparel rather than any other striking colours. But these few days, a certain colour struck me with a unique awe-ness.  Burgundy.

Monday, February 18

Song Premier: Justin Timberlake "Mirrors"

Having finished my so called a month of spring break,  I am greeted back to the new semester by a new song from the man of pop, Justin Timberlake.  But I’m pretty sure most of you are still in awe with that slick and chic video of Suits & Tie of JT driving an antique with a fedora, right? Do me a favor and listen to his new single, Mirrors.

Monday, January 21

Saturday, January 19

Cover Artist: Corey Gray

As far as time goes, I always find myself fancy of cover artistes’ rendition of a song rather than the original version. A little bit more casual, a little bit less pounding on my brain trying to figure out what they are singing about.

Monday, January 14

Song Premier: Justin Timberlake "Suit & Ties"

Mr Sexyback Justin Timberlake is back, and this time with some heart stopping music rather than showing off those sexy butts in the movies.

As much as i enjoy Justin's sexy back, I'm also looking forward for new tunes from him. Few days back, he came out in a video saying that he's making new music and is 'getting ready' for his comeback.

Style Tips: Metro Chic Sweaters

One of these days, you would be tired of your normal boy-next-door or garage-band-punks look. Trust me, you already have or you will, someday. So make a smart move now and get yourself some fitting sweaters.

Be it a v-neck, a polo or a crew-neck type of sweater, it will prove

Sunday, January 13

The Saturdays "What About Us" video premier.

The Saturdays are back!

   Well most of you should have heard that their new U.S Album “Chasing the Saturdays” is scheduled to be out this upcoming spring and “What About Us” is their first dish out.  Whatever it is, we will be better together so what about us?

Saturday, January 12

With a better conscience

It is nearly a year ago since I abandoned this sanctuary of mine. (I blame twitter for this) But now im back. Not with a revenge but with a better conscience.

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