Friday, November 22

Prep Talk: "Gym-holics"

**It is not just a trend (those Nordic patterns are a trend) but it seems like heading out to the gym is a new goal for boys. And it is somewhat disturbing when they rub it all over your face.

I don't do gym. Haven't found the correct one for me? Maybe. But i prefer the old style jog and recreations.

As much as i support those heading to the gym for the sake of a healthier lifestyle, I also despise those who head there just to prove that they are 'in' the social trend. Yes i am talking about those who constantly tweet and brag about going to the gym as if it gives them the extra 'I'm better than you' swag. That is wrong.

Here's a few things gym-holics do that rubs me off the wrong way.


As vain as them checking in on their every gym visit, gym mirror selfie is much more painful to look at. I assume that they took the "Instagram it or it never happened" way too seriously.

Grow up a pair and be the better person. Yes we know that you are developing your muscles but taking gym mirror selfies wont help those biceps to grow overnight. And I do not remember any trainer saying "Instagram yourself to burn more calories". So why do you have to do that?


Every fitness trainer would agree that 80% of the work out comes from the diet. Eating healthy and watching out your calorie count is a good habit to have especially when you are trying to develop your body.

But you don't have to rub it on people's face!

Your diet do not involve criticizing others choice of food. You may have a good attention and wanting your friends to watch their diet but please, sir, that "Why are you eating that? So much oil and fattening" or "I'm on a diet. I don't eat such food" is not helping. How about showing them a good example of eating healthy by being a good role model. Take them to healthier food places and share with them the virtue of  good food without any judgement on their choice of food.


Really sure that most of you know this type of gym-holic. The kind where he would actually do a push up right in the middle of the living room even during a family gathering.

Are you preparing yourself for a boxing tournament?

If you aren't, then stop doing that. Yes you should find time to do exercises even when you are unable to head to the gym but this is not normal. If you view a person glued to their phone in a social interaction is rude, then this behavior is no different. Do invest in other part of your life the same way you did to your body. Because in the end, a model-like body do not guarantee good friends.


The outer shell matters to me as well. But what's inside matters most. I get that when you look good, you feel good inside but good looks only open eyes, not hearts.

What say you?


Anonymous said...

well said!

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