Monday, January 21

Saturday, January 19

Cover Artist: Corey Gray

As far as time goes, I always find myself fancy of cover artistes’ rendition of a song rather than the original version. A little bit more casual, a little bit less pounding on my brain trying to figure out what they are singing about.

Monday, January 14

Song Premier: Justin Timberlake "Suit & Ties"

Mr Sexyback Justin Timberlake is back, and this time with some heart stopping music rather than showing off those sexy butts in the movies.

As much as i enjoy Justin's sexy back, I'm also looking forward for new tunes from him. Few days back, he came out in a video saying that he's making new music and is 'getting ready' for his comeback.

Style Tips: Metro Chic Sweaters

One of these days, you would be tired of your normal boy-next-door or garage-band-punks look. Trust me, you already have or you will, someday. So make a smart move now and get yourself some fitting sweaters.

Be it a v-neck, a polo or a crew-neck type of sweater, it will prove

Sunday, January 13

The Saturdays "What About Us" video premier.

The Saturdays are back!

   Well most of you should have heard that their new U.S Album “Chasing the Saturdays” is scheduled to be out this upcoming spring and “What About Us” is their first dish out.  Whatever it is, we will be better together so what about us?

Saturday, January 12

With a better conscience

It is nearly a year ago since I abandoned this sanctuary of mine. (I blame twitter for this) But now im back. Not with a revenge but with a better conscience.

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