Friday, March 22

Inspirations: Adam Gallagher

Everyone has it. That one thing that’ll inspire them to do something. Well I have mine. Tonnes! And one of them is apparently my Pinterest, obviously, and it is also the reason how I came across this great fashion blogger.

Thursday, March 21

Wardrobe Reinvention: Solid Coloured Adventures

Just recently I made a post on “Reinventing my wardrobe” and the progress is impressively fast. But I think I need to tone it down a little because my studies and assignment seem to start piling up on me. Well if you don’t go through hell, you won’t make it to heaven right?

Friday, March 8

Inspirations: Tinkerbell, Secret of the Wings

Hello there Disney lovers!

Have you watched “Tinkerbell, Secrets of the Wings”? No? Well you should! Haha. 

   I actually found this movie by accident the other day and decided to watch it on my free time. Being a Disney fan myself

Wednesday, March 6

Wardrobe Reinvention: What should be in yours.

Its already March now and like it or not, spring is now upon us. And do you remember what Mr Bean does every spring? SPRING CLEANING! But let us start small. No need to gear up and wear your mom’s rubber gloves now (unless you want to or you have that kind of fetish, I’m not judging.) Lets tidy up that closet!

Monday, March 4

Style Tips: How to do things properly.

The nature of men, every day should be a better day than the day before. We always want to improve ourselves and yet, to be a unique individual.

Relax, I’m not giving you a lecture on self-motivation and all other boring stuff. But my point is, everyone want to look better and bro, you need to know how to do it properly.
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