Thursday, February 21

Inspiration: Red wines for wear

  On a serious note, I myself prefer a navy blue or any type of blue apparel rather than any other striking colours. But these few days, a certain colour struck me with a unique awe-ness.  Burgundy.

*I am not colour blinded, but I find it hard to distinguish between a maroon and a burgundy. They both seems oddly familiar to each other. So do tell if I am mistaken between those two.

My first encounter with this burgundy madness was from a fashion blog back in the later days of 2012. But by then I hardly notice it in Malaysia until I walked into ZARA the other day. Huge splash of red wine everywhere, on the employee, and on those mannequins. 

Stepping out from the store, I can’t hardly find any of that particular colour on average people until I reached Pavilion KL and notice a few fashion wise men accessorizing burgundy in a way that can make a girl sweat.

 So, I came to a conclusion that burgundy is the next colour to watch out for and here is some way for you to look good in them.

“The perfect binding to a fall day, burgundy has been a major influence for many collections this year. Its impact can be found taking the lead on everything from suiting to standout blockbuster coats. The deep red tone is as versatile as it is flattering, pairing exceptionally well with many other colours that men have a tendency to flock to (navy, grey, black and even tan and brown.)

The combination of burgundy and navy is one that is particularly easy to wear. This mixture is a stylish, often more sophisticated take on the traditionally successful combination of red and blue. Similarly, both burgundy and black emerged in key colour combinations last autumn/winter and the dark shades both bring a masculine element to any look.

Against a backdrop of neutral black, burgundy is allowed to become more of a statement. Unlike the harmony created when navy and burgundy are utilised together (contrasting colours where both will stand out individually), black will be a solid anchor that allows burgundy to truly manifest its stylish presence.” - FashionBeans

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