Thursday, February 28

Style Tips: A Better Facepic.

Browsing through my inspirational favorite blogs, I stumble upon a video thats actually make more sense than the Harlem Shake. How To Show Off Your Jawline in head shots by Peter Hurley.

Throughout the years, I take a lot of self picture. Well mostly out of camwhoring and never by a professional so I have near to zero idea how to pose for a head shot. The most professional picture must be my passport picture and no, you really dont want to see that.

Your picture gives out the first impression of yourself to the others. I know, I know, dont judge a book by its cover but what is a book without a cover that matches the inside? Well considering that you are here in my blog, Id say that you are trying to improve yourself and well done, keep up the good job!
Not everyone is born with a perfect jawline like this.

So, heres the video to help you look good in pictures. Learn from it and BAM! You are magically gorgeous.

Now back up your forehead from the screen  a little and tell me what do you think?

I do hope this video would help you take a better picture in near future as much as it helped me. :)


Ijann Hj Marzuki said...

Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...
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