Saturday, February 23

Style Tips: Denim On Top

I don’t know about you but I’m bored with having jeans and denims just below the waist line. Time to take it up don’t you think?

   Browsing into local retail and boutiques in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, many are stacking their shelves with denim shirts and jackets (yes, I’m talking about Brands Outlet and PDI). Denim shirts are timeless pieces.
 If you don’t have one in your closet yet, it’s a worthy investment. Other types of casual shirt are still quite similar in fabric and general aesthetics, but a denim shirt will bring something different to your wardrobe. It will add some variety.

Denim shirts still have the stigma of being primarily worn by people’s dads, but a stylish man can wear items in ways that break their stigma. It’s not the shirts themselves that give people the dad-look, it’s the way some people wear them. To prevent you from looking like your old man, you need to understand how to wear a denim shirt fashionably.

I’ll give you a few stylish ways to wear a denim shirt that are quite easy to pull off. 

1.       Look preppy with a denim by matching it with a chino pants or your fitted khakis. Chinos in light shades of brown work especially well with denim shirts. When all that surrounds you wear a denim at the bottom, looking like a plain Jack, you can have it upside down and still look at least twice as good. Dude, there is no way this can mess you up.
2.       The doubledenim. Well most people would tell you to avoid this look but yeah, screw them and their too-tight multi coloured pants. You can definitely look good with a double denim but make sure that they have different wash or colour tone. Make sure there is a contrast between the top and bottom piece. The only way this look works is when one piece is dark denim and the other is light. Personally, I like it best when the bottom half is the darker part of the ensemble.
3.       Wanna look hip and yet quirky? Try layering your denim shirt with a great pastel coloured cardigan or vest.  Black or brown trousers will work with this look, and I would slim fit them to give you that fashion forward edge and clean lines. Mix in a simple brown leather belt and shoes and you have a look that will work on dress down Fridays at the office, going out for drinks and everything else in-between.

Any other ideas on how to wear a denim shirt? Do tell.


Ijann Hj Marzuki said...

gambar kedua dari atas sangat cool! (^__^)~♥

MISZ PYDAA said...
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MISZ PYDAA said...

kite suka yg no 4 dr atas. yg rmbut kuning tu. mintak kan no telpon dia pulisss. mewmewmewmew (^^B)


Haha. Seriously, im not selling people!

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