Monday, March 4

Style Tips: How to do things properly.

The nature of men, every day should be a better day than the day before. We always want to improve ourselves and yet, to be a unique individual.

Relax, I’m not giving you a lecture on self-motivation and all other boring stuff. But my point is, everyone want to look better and bro, you need to know how to do it properly.
So, you might be interested in the cute preppy style or the dapper gentleman but first thing first, here is the basic principles of men’s clothing:

OK now you know the names, and here is how you can pull that specific look. What to choose, and what to match them with.

Preppy: Bright chinos, boat shoes, awkward shirt and quirky bowtie

Music hipster: Skinny pants, leather shoes, tight shirts and a fedora

The Hamptons: Boat shoes, earth coloured chinos or khakis, designers' bag and stripes, navy striped shirt is a must.

The I-Dont-Have-A-Skateboard-But-Im-Feeling-It-Anyway: A VansDerWall, vintage printed tshirts,skinny pants or slim fit pants and a are-you-in-2002 awkward hat.

Got the looks? wants more? OK then, lets get more specific ok. Here are more tips i got from PrimerMagazine and my Pinterest.

 Feels inspired? Now get to your closet and start searching for a newly improved you.
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