Thursday, March 21

Wardrobe Reinvention: Solid Coloured Adventures

Just recently I made a post on “Reinventing my wardrobe” and the progress is impressively fast. But I think I need to tone it down a little because my studies and assignment seem to start piling up on me. Well if you don’t go through hell, you won’t make it to heaven right?

    So the latest additions to my wardrobe is a few solid colour shirts , formal looking but not too formal that I’ll look like a cheezy old dude with three kids at home and a desk at some ministry of magic. A burgundy, solid blue and a white shirt. No pockets (so I don’t look like I’m on “Beauty and the Geek”) and they are tailored fit (they compliments my body even though there’s nothing to compliment at). And no, they are not from a big wallet-pinching boutique stores.

   You see, good things doesn’t always have to be the most expensive ones. I bought each shirt at a price of RM40 and I know they worth each sen when most of my friends were jumping up and down at the sight of me wearing it. You just need to know where to find one of these jewels. And here’s my adventures to inspire yours’:

The White devil:
                I was aching for some white shirt that particular Wednesday  after a few hours looking at photos on my pinterest of white shirts being a sexy-enough-for-salsa formal and it being a fantastic casual wear. So I went to Kenangan WholeSale City near Jalan Hang Tuah, KL to find one. And it’s a hard work! Lots of white shirt but most of them are either too loose enough like my lecturer’s or too see-thru even hookers  are ashamed to wear it. But after 2 hours of hunting(that place is HUGEEE!)  I found a store, Album on the 1st level selling products from High Culture (I believe it’s China’s) and the have the perfect white shirt with a thick material and a tailored cut at the price of RM39.90. Test it, cash it, walk away and the next day wear it with a brown chinos and my favorite navy shoes to class.
You should at least look THIS good in a white shirt

The Blue gorgeous:
                The Mines, level 4, “G80” just beside the bowling alley. It’s a new store, only a month old and the place is filled with solid colour shirts at the price ranging from RM29.90 to RM49.90. Love it! They only sell shirts with bright pastel colours and are either slim-fitted or tailor fit. Bought a deep blue shirt, and when I get home, my housemate made me come with them to the store again because they are so jealous of the quality and price.

The Burgundy stumble.
                I literally stumbled when I first saw it. A burgundy coloured shirt has been on my radar ever since I wrote about “Red Wines for wear”. And it was just hanging there, on a shelve, in a small tent at a night market. Yes people, I’m talking about finding a good ass shirt at uptown Danau Kota, KL. If you are one of those “I don’t go to uptown or night markets because I hate the crowd” kind of person, well you are missing a good part of life. The shirt costs RM 55 but I managed to talk my way through to have it at RM40. (Maybe I can get more discount if a flash a little smile…hee hee.)

Sorry, i promise i'll get a good camera next time

Well those are my first few mini adventures in the process of reinventing my wardrobe and I bet there shall be a few more coming up.  Maybe a good black shirt after this. Try it, go for a hunt on something you really want and enjoy every sweat it costs you because bro, life is not all about the PC and 9Gag.
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