Friday, March 22

Inspirations: Adam Gallagher

Everyone has it. That one thing that’ll inspire them to do something. Well I have mine. Tonnes! And one of them is apparently my Pinterest, obviously, and it is also the reason how I came across this great fashion blogger.

Adam Gallagher. A young model from Riverside, California and a frequent blogger. His style is somewhat awesome and ‘affordable’. I mean seriously, I think he can make any cheap stuff you have in your closet look good. All he have to do is to match things properly. Here’s where you can find him;

" Hello there

my name is Adam Gallagher. I love modeling, and creating a story through pictures. I'm very excited to work with various photographers and get some great shots "

Enough talk, here’s some of him.

Now now, are you inspired yet? Give me a comment ok.

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