Friday, March 8

Inspirations: Tinkerbell, Secret of the Wings

Hello there Disney lovers!

Have you watched “Tinkerbell, Secrets of the Wings”? No? Well you should! Haha. 

   I actually found this movie by accident the other day and decided to watch it on my free time. Being a Disney fan myself
, I simply cannot contain myself from giggling over the soundtracks in Disney movies. And just last night, 7th of March 2013, I get to experience “Oz, The Great And Powerful” after all these while plugging my ears with  the movie’s soundtrack , Almost Home by MariahCarey. (too bad I’m not fond enough seeing my sexy Mila Kunis being a wicked green witch. Sigh..)

   The new installation of Tinkerbell movie features the Mcclain Sisters as the main artist for the soundtrack The Great Divide. It is a really catchy song and suits much for the movie. Now the thing about Disney movies and their soundtracks is that it always give you that motivational feel.  Its like “You can do it! You are bound to greatness! Just a little bit more!” And yes, the fact that Disney movies reminds us of our sweet childhood. 

Watch it, these guys are waiting for you.
Give this movie and song a try, and don’t blame me if you can’t stop brightening the room with happiness.

Have you listened to it? So tell me, what do you think?


Anonymous said...
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husnulkhotimah fahmi said...

la... mna link muvie. nk tgk jugak! uwaa :'(

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