Saturday, January 19

Cover Artist: Corey Gray

As far as time goes, I always find myself fancy of cover artistes’ rendition of a song rather than the original version. A little bit more casual, a little bit less pounding on my brain trying to figure out what they are singing about.

An artist in particular, just came across him after his collaboration with another artist alike, struck my interest these days. CoreyGray. Handsome, beautiful eyes, nice arrangements and a lovely voice to go with guitars and pianos. 

Bunch of good quality cover version of popular mainstream songs and a few unfamiliar  tune serve my ears well. Hate Justin Bieber? This guy can make you un-hate him (Not really, JB is not my liking anyway) by listening to his version of As Long As You Love Me.

If you’re not a fan of covers, its ok, maybe not your cup of tea. But for those who are, here’s a few video of him you might be interested in.
1.       As Long AS You Love Me
2.       Here Without You
5.       Scream

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