Monday, January 21

Inspirations: For the love of neutrals

In between twitter, tumblr and pinterest, I realized that more and more men are reverting back to mother nature.
No, not that they are forming a new type of hipster trend that involves hugging trees or anything.(oh please DO stop making new hipster trends, I’m  tired enough to talking trash to every each silly trend.)  I talking about the colors, the colors of the earth are back!

Opening the doors to my closet, I also realize that I rely too much on a certain color for my entire wardrobe. Blue, blue, blue everywhere. Blue scarf, blue t-shirts, blue cardigan, blue sweater, blue shoes but no, no blue pants. Maybe it is about time that I too, go back to mother earth.

Earth tones are those colors that reminds you of nature (dirt, moss, clay, leaves, etc.). Think khakis, and brown leathers rather than the boring black or in my case, blue.

Here’s some pictures to inspire you to tone down your colors and give way to nature.

Disclaimer: All these pics arent mine. The real owners are to be found in my pinterest.

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