Sunday, January 13

The Saturdays "What About Us" video premier.

The Saturdays are back!

   Well most of you should have heard that their new U.S Album “Chasing the Saturdays” is scheduled to be out this upcoming spring and “What About Us” is their first dish out.  Whatever it is, we will be better together so what about us?
The lyrics and the video mashed up together portraying sisterhood and a weekend hang out together. Now gentleman, I can assure you, you will have more fun watching the girls’ legs rather than the clip itself. The Saturdays had the potential to be so much more fabulous and amazing than this!  Quite a disappointment though, The Saturdays have so much potential to be extra swaggy and sexy but this clip doesn’t seem to cut it. The song, nonetheless is actually good but it is brought down by this idea-lacking clip. 

What do you guys think?

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