Saturday, January 12

With a better conscience

It is nearly a year ago since I abandoned this sanctuary of mine. (I blame twitter for this) But now im back. Not with a revenge but with a better conscience.

I know, I know, you might think this is a new year resolution or some sort but I really don’t have anything else to do right now. (except to study for my Measurement And Instrumentation paper due tomorrow) And I have tonnes of free time rather than tweeting.

Again with the blaming.

Well see, blaming is the best part of being human. (okay maybe animals blame others too) And it is almost okay to do that in public or in a social media.

But really though, do we need to? I myself find ‘blaming’ as a good thing but no, it is not.

Take this for an example,

I can’t study well. The lecturers are being mean to me by not uploading the notes and arranging them in perfect sense.

A normal pre-exam rant right? Well we do that. Yes WE! You, me and all those dorks you call as classmates. Seems normal and acceptable but you know deep down that you’ll be the one crying at the end of this tunnel.


Lets see. First, the blaming part. Second, the lacy part where you don’t want to study and the blame on lecturers would somehow magically reach God and boom, your results are great.(I wish that is the real case though.) The final part of this trilogy would be you, crying at the exam results because no, the blame didn’t reach God.

So now, get that tiny butt wiggling and start doing what you should be doing either its study or working. I should get back to mine as well, hehe.

But do stay tune for some more update from me. I’m thinking of something more classy and upbeat this time more than my usual rant on myself.


Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...

yeayyy, dah hapdet

aisya said...

aiyeee.. hampir jadi blog tinggal dah ni..


Haha.. thanks guys... been a long time since i last wrote so do not mind if it is a bit rusty...

Mizi, miss you old friend.

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