Monday, January 14

Style Tips: Metro Chic Sweaters

One of these days, you would be tired of your normal boy-next-door or garage-band-punks look. Trust me, you already have or you will, someday. So make a smart move now and get yourself some fitting sweaters.

Be it a v-neck, a polo or a crew-neck type of sweater, it will prove
to be a good investment on your future looks.  I know, the type of weather in Malaysia is on on par with the Europeans but there are a few moments in life where sweaters are necessary.

I'm a college student, a 22 years old at that but i do favor sweaters more than a plain old shirt to class. And looking at the facts that most building in Malaysia are air-conditioned, you have to give no excuses on why you are wearing a sweater that day.

I have a sweater from Romp that was bought two years back, a navy blue v-neck with a thin synthetic material. Due to its thin fabric, i always wear it with a white or blue shirt to class and presentation. Its gives out that "not that formal" look but still acceptable as classy and sophisticated. And it is comfortable!  

Here's a few tips for Malaysian boys on sweaters:

1. Layering... (well you should not layer up a sweater with too much fabric unless you are achieving that sauna hotness on purpose! Just have a layer of shirt or t-shirt inside so that even when you sweat, it wont be visible to China.)
2. Patterns ...(unless you want to look like Rajesh on The Big Bang Theory, avoid sweaters with bright color patterns. Those boxy chess-like patterns is a NO! Try simpler ones with only one or two dark color tones to appear classy and not trying too much)
3. Fabrics... (choose according to where you're presenting yourself today. No, wool is not for hanging out in front of Pavilion KL. Don't be 'that' type of BBNU, you'll get bashed at in twitter.)

These and more pictures on sweaters on my Pinterest and Tumblr.

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