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Wardrobe Reinvention: What should be in yours.

Its already March now and like it or not, spring is now upon us. And do you remember what Mr Bean does every spring? SPRING CLEANING! But let us start small. No need to gear up and wear your mom’s rubber gloves now (unless you want to or you have that kind of fetish, I’m not judging.) Lets tidy up that closet!

   Open that closet of yours and what does it look like? Neat? Come on, don’t lie. Good boys don’t tell lies. :)

   So I decided to reinvent and tidy up my closet so that I can further reinvent myself. Yes boys, we all know about you coming out of the closet but seriously now, lets get back in and try to make it better. Get every single item out of there and lay it in the middle of you room. Done? Now, let’s sort it out. Here’s how:

- Try each one out and decide if it still fits or it is too small or too hippy (baggy). Get rid of the small and hippy ones.
 -Sort out the ones that still fit into these categories: 

Ø  Sweaters
Ø  Jackets
Ø  Work/formal shirts
Ø  Shirts
Ø  Tshirts
Ø  Work/formal pants
Ø  Pants (chinos,jeans,khakis)
Ø  Athletic stuff
Ø  Shoes
Ø  Bags

-  Done? Now fold the sweaters (don’t hang the sweaters, it’ll ruin their shape), hang the shirts on the upper bar and pants on your closet’s lower bar. Shoes into the lower cabinets and bags into the upper cabinet. But do make sure you arrange them according to their categories and NOT ACCORDING TO THEIR COLOURS. You'll get bored too quickly with your wardrobe if it is colour coded.

Are we done yet?! NO! Now take a look at it. It seems great but it is not perfect yet. It is good to have a clean wardrobe but what we need is a functional wardrobe.

Now, now, here’s a little secret code that men should follow: HAVE ALL THE TIMELESS PIECES IN YOUR CLOSET. . . Timeless pieces are clothing and accessories that would go with any season, year and it can also withstand another rush of KPOP phenomenon.

 And these are my own list of timeless pieces(p/s: mine is more of a college life kind of wardrobe, not the Manhattan Upper East Side type):

1. Solid color shirts
  Easier to wear, anytime, anywhere and any office or presentation. I prefer solid pastel colours and white, yes, definitely white shirts. The is something sexy about white shirts that i cant describe how. It is so elegant, so stylish, sexy and yet professional.

2. Sweaters

Do i need to explain more on how a good sweater is good for you? Really? Are you just starting to read my blog or did you miss my rant on sweaters?

3. Fitted jeans

Jeans are like soul mates. Hard to find, but a good one would make you days shine brighter and your nights a little warmer. My favorite blogger Max Law has something to teach you on how to find the right jeans.

4. Dress shoes

5. Formal pants

Oh yeah, you'd have to admit, wearing the right type of pants to work or for a presentation gives you an extra boost of confidence right? yup! And they are also the reason why those metrosexual working guys strut like a model every morning to work.

6.  Khakis/ chinos

 Khakis and chinos are your substitute for jeans. It is versatile and can be wear to everywhere and you can match it with everything. But if you want to appear hot to me, wear a earth coloured khakis with a white t-shirt. Simple, but extremely yummy.

7. Casual shoes

A great man once told me, "If you want to be a presentable man, wear your shoes, even to the supermarket." And yes, its true. If you really are conscious  about how you look and present yourself to others, wearing a flip flop with a suit wont cut it.

8. Leather watch

Watches are expensive. yes. But it is a good investment! But if you only afford to buy one, trying looking for a leather watch that'll do great during your casual days and with your formal attire. I favor brown leather more than the black one though.And with that extra luxurious-looking metal casing. 

9. Basic color tshirts

Go with the basics. No graphic, no brands, no hideous pictures and definitely no im-so-wise-and-funny words. Seriously, save those words for your instagram pictures of the sky or your twitter account.

10. Formal bag

 Yes, yes, i dont you to be looking like a 50 years old man working with the Ministry Of Magic as well. But having a proper formal bag is a bonus especially when you want to look professional enough. Trust me, that free bag that came with your laptop is not professional at all! Find a messenger bag, preferably a leather one so that you wont look like an old clerk and more like that guy worthy to be in Suits.

11. Casual bag
 A casual bag is a bag that you take almost anywhere except for the office. but since i'm a student, it is a bag take i take everywhere except for classes and lab sessions. And i favor a bagpack with a little touch of leather because it'll give that chic look to my entire image. "Oh look at that boy, looking all chic and trendy while others are carrying school boys' bags."

12. Sunglasses
 Look at that picture above. He'd appear really cool without those sunnies but with them, he's hot. Sizzling!

That is what a good pair of sunglasses can do to you. Taking the attractiveness meter to the next level. But i already have my club-masters with me so lets say that im ticking this one off my list.

13. Outer wear

Cardigan, cashmere button ups and sweaters. I'll let this pictures speak for themselves ok.

14. Tie

 I myself is what they call as a tie enthusiast! I must have them all! All type, all size, all colour! Currently i have up to 25 different ties and they are not enough! My current obsession is the knit ties. So beautiful, so casual and so soft....

15. Belts

Well enough about what i want, now its the time for WHAT DO YOU WANT! What is your timeless basics and how should your wardrobe look like? Do tell.

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