Thursday, October 28


U know what???
Ally mcbeal is great!!!!

no, no... dont leave this page... this is not me blabbering around....
Its like what, 1990s??? bt I feel like it just been broadcasted yesterday… ni suma gara2 member abang aku, aemy (that’s a guy’s name) suruh aku belikan cd ally mcbeal dari season 1 till 5… but now here I am, fascinated by it that im writing an entry about it!
Best sgt cerita ni..walaupun aku tak pernah tgk n malam ni aku baru je tgk dua episode,..cerita ni memang evergreen..nice grammar..nice vocabs… a really good one if u want to improve your English… but im not fascinated by just that.. no… aku kagum ngan cerita ni sebab kebanyakkan unsur moral dia memang patut melekat kat kepala kita…
to men its just body parts but to women, its mental’… that is insanely true…
we need to believe in love, couplehood, partnerships, even if we are sleeping alone tonight’… YES!!!

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