Sunday, October 10

Nak propose??

 Sedang aku menerjah-nerjah commen2 kat fb,, tetiba i came across this superb apps which gives  u best proposal ideas... enjoy..
Thank you facebook!!!!

Propose Marriage and Shower Her with Gifts
Take her out to the mall or her favorite store just as you would any other time, but tell her it's your treat. Make sure you talked to the manager there earlier in the week to make sure that their receipts say "Marry me, name." instead of "Have a good day." Buy her that dress shes been raving about and when you get the receipt complain that they made a mistake in the price. Ask her if she thinks it adds up right. When she realizes what it says, pull out the ring.

Marriage Proposals in Print
Purchase a few packages of children's alphabet refrigerator magnets and spell your proposal out on the fridge. Plan to spend the evening cooking a romantic dinner or sensual dessert together. When she comes into the kitchen to help, ask her to get something out of the fridge so that she'll see your proposal. When she turns around, get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

Musical Proposal Ideas
If you live in a city where there are often street musicians, plan ahead and ask one to sing a song with your proposal as you walk by one afternoon. Pause for a moment as if you are stopping to listen to the music and when she notices the song, tell her that her love is like music to your soul. Then get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

Marriage Proposal Ideas Using Flowers
Twelve days before the you decide to propose, begin sending her a single rose each day leading to the 12th day. On the 12th day, she will expect a last rose to complete her dozen. Instead, surprise her with a full dozen roses and a ring and ask for her hand in marriage.

Propose Using Balloons
Give her a balloon bouquet filled with rose petals. You can take the rose petals with you to the balloon shop and have them placed inside as they fill them with helium. Have the ring placed inside one of the balloons with rose petals. Surprise her with the balloons and as you pop them, she'll be showered with rose petals and an engagement ring.

Unique Ways to Propose in a BIG Way
This idea involves a rather grand setup on a beach, but is well worth it. Choose a local beach site that is quiet and not that windy. Prepare a lot of candles (bulk candles in steel cases such as votives). Place the candles on the sand to create the words "Will you marry me" in very big letters. Light them up in the evening and have someone watch over them to make sure they don't burn out. Take your girl to the site "for a walk". She will be surprised to see the words glowing in the dark. Ask her to marry you in front of the grand scene and hopefully she will say "yes"!

Unforgettable Marriage Proposal Ideas
Create a photo memory book chronicling your relationship and romance. You could create your own memory book at home or try out the new hardcover memory books from Snapfish that you create with your own digital photos. It's super easy and you'll have a great memento of your proposal. Make it even more special by making the last page ask her to marry you!

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