Friday, November 26

::All the best for your exam::



Every single day,
A spilt of relief never occurred,
As my mind is always by your side,
Every dream
Every single dream,
Is to see you succeed,
In every dream u dreamed,
Every thought,
Every single thought,
Sets its goal on you,
Sincerely and only on you,

Every beat,
Every single beat,
My hearts beats for you,
My lovely only you,

Every star,
Every single star,
I wished upon to,
I have only wished for you,

Every word,
Every single word,
All words i have,
All is only for you my dear...

p/s: don't do that again ok.. promise


Shaofie said...

selamat bertempur manjaa!
abang sopi ucapkan all the best yea!

Muhammad Tarmizi bin Kamaruddin said...

siapa manja, siapa comel ni? siapa Fazura?

P/S: Shaofie, pergi jaga Faraha'ain tu elok-elok... hahaha...

SyArk BudAk NaKaL said...

manja = comel tapi bukannya fazura... haha

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